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About Us

We are people who love the Lord, love to live, and love to see others living the life God wants us all to live - a purposeful life filled with hope, unwavering peace, AND Joy, through all things. In the world today, it can be difficult to rise above all the negativity, discord, and bad news. Keeping our eyes and ears set firmly on His word and His promises can be quite challenging at times. We firmly believe that when our eyes remain focused on God's light and promises, we will always know the hope we have in Him and we will be reminded constantly of the wonderful blessings He promises his people. 

Promise Paks was born from a desire to help shift our attention back to the good things God has promised us. If we see Him in our everyday lives and see His beauty in our everyday "things", then just maybe we can have a little more strength to find the inner joy that we all need and want. We’re making it easier to find God’s beauty in the things around us. We send JOY in packages to our customers to REFRESH their hearts, REMIND them of God's promises, and to help RELEASE a fresh and exciting faith in their lives.